A Park for ALL...yes you!

This REALLY a park for ALL (yes YOU)...We've explained how important it is to remove barriers for those with special needs and mobility issues, and we've often said it will be a park for ALL! We really mean that....Keep reading to hear how we've designed the park for everyone and what sports will be programmed at the park Spring 2021!!

    Miracle Park is an inclusive park, so we have made special efforts to look at all parts of the park with a focus on accessibility for those with different abilities. We have featured future athletes who need these accommodations because too often these folks are excluded in our society (both intentionally and unintentionally), or are an afterthought when places are built since most buildings and parks are constructed to MINIMUM accessibility requirements, which are still inaccessible to some. Because of this, we have showcased the aspects of our park that set us apart from other parks due to our Universal Design

HOWEVER, we want to be sure to reiterate that this is not a "special needs park;" that defeats the purpose of it being inclusive!  

We want EVERYONE to come visit and play at Miracle Park. Our state of the art playground does have special pieces that have been designed so that people with many different needs can play. However, we also have traditional swings, slides, and zip lines for typically developing 
folks. The walking trails and air resistance strength training equipment will be great for adults and seniors looking to stay in shape while listening to the laughter of children.  

We want to create a space where everyone can play TOGETHER!  

The fields will host activities for ALL. We will have one traditional field on which Rock Hill Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Department will continue to schedule Little League and softball games.  We will have multi-purpose fields for flag football, baseball, basketball, soccer, and more. Until those fields are finished, we can use the Miracle field for these sports when it's not softball/baseball season. ALL Miracle League games will have buddies, which are typically developing peers who partner with a friend with different abilities.

Speaking of buddies, Jayden Carroll and Brodie Kennedy from Northwestern High School have told their stories about being a buddy already, they are looking forward to the opening of Miracle Park so that they will finally have a place outside of school to hang out with ALL of their friends! 

We will also have a shelter at the playground and areas near the concession stand where you can host birthday parties for ALL of your friends without wondering if someone can get there due to mobility needs. Miracle Park will truly be a park for ALL!  

Please consider how the park will benefit your friends and family, and if you can, DONATE to help ensure all of Phase 1 is constructed by the end of this year!