Future Buddy: Jayden Carroll

Jayden Carroll is a junior at Northwestern. She met Ellie as a freshman in her Musical  Theatre class and then joined the the 
Trojan Buddies program to be sure they could spend more time together. While Ellie loves to be a part of her school community and frequents many activities, sometimes indoor events are too loud or too crowded to really be enjoyable for both of them. The girls have fun together in many places, from shopping to swimming, but both are really looking forward to being able to just hang out at the park and maybe even playing on some teams together! 

Jayden said, "As soon as Ellie walked into the classroom, I knew we would be friends. She is hilarious and gives the best hugs! She will make your day with an unexpected compliment that you didn't even know you needed! We are much more alike than different, in every way imaginable. The fact that she has Down syndrome is never the first thing I notice about her, although it is part of what makes her beautiful! I am very blessed to call Ellie my best friend!"