The Yalp Sona

This is a cool piece of playground equipment ordered for our one-of-a-kind playground for all! Watch how kids and senior adults enjoy the Sona Arch on you tube!

The Yalp Sona includes various exciting and supportive games, such as a dance competition, a game where children have to keep a sequence of numbers, or a lightning-fast racetrack. The game begins, and the children can start right away. With each game, the levels build up in difficulty keeping the games exciting, and children make up their own rules, the game remains challenging at all times. We also regularly develop new games that adapt to the changing world of children.

The Yalp Sona interactive dance and play arch is developed for permanent outdoor use. The bow contains a motion sensor that reacts accurately to the children’s movements on the dance floor. All electronics are safely housed in the steel frame of the Sona. The 4m x 4m play floor is freely accessible (even with a wheelchair), and several children can play on it at the same time. The Sona is fun for the whole family: we regularly see parents and grandparents playing with their children and grandchildren.

There is really something for all!