Featured Future Miracle Park Athlete- Phillip

I am Phillip and have lived in this community my whole life. I am looking forward to Miracle Park coming to town. I love sports and being outdoors. A Miracle League will be a great addition to my life! 

I have Autism- sometimes community places with lots of noise and activity can be a little overwhelming for me. 

At Miracle Park, I can visit with family, participate in a Miracle League with friends I already have while making new ones. If I need a break- there will be designated quiet places for me to go to calm for a little while and specific sensory-friendly areas as well. Knowing this gives me confidence that I can participate in more activities than I might have tried otherwise. 

So excited to have this new option available to me and to others!

Please join in others to help us raise money for Phillip and his friends no matter what their ability to have a park to play!