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Sponsor: OTS Media Partner

“Rock Hill citizens have always been trailblazers.  What your group has done with Miracle Park is no exception. You are unselfishly serving a great need while leaving a trail that will inspire others.” - Allen Miller

“Nothing says more about what Rock Hill values as a community than Miracle Park” -Manning Kimmel 
OTS media has not only given to the Miracle Park financially, but also they have given radio time, advertising, and so much support!  We are very blessed to have this award-winning station in our hometown, covering ALL the great things happening each and every day!

Teacher Shoutout! Tara Park

Since this week marks the end of a really crazy year where amidst pandemic challenges, our teachers have continued to shine, we want to first thank ALL teachers for ALL that you do every day and especially over the last few months! We hope that you are able to rest, relax, and rejuvenate this summer! 

Tara Park is a teacher at Northwestern High School. She wrote this about Miracle Park: “I have the opportunity to teach students with special needs each day. Not only do I share in the happiness and kindness that they exude, but I am able to see each of their individual talents and abilities. I am so excited that they will be able to share these talents and abilities with their community in an inclusive environment through Miracle Park. Thank you to everyone that has been part of helping to create this park.”

Tara excels at creating a classroom environment that welcomes her students and both nurtured and challenges them daily. She also sponsors the Trojan Buddies program which pairs her st…

Sponsor: The Tuttle Family

Skip Tuttle is excited about the opportunities this park brings to all, Skip states on behalf of their family, "This is  such a meaningful addition to Rock Hill’s first class park system.   As a brother of a special needs child, I recognize the multiple ways this park will serve so many individuals and families. The combination of activities designed for those with special needs, coupled with caring volunteers, is such a blessing for those among us that will benefit in so many ways by competing successfully, and enjoying activities that they can excel in.  We consider it an honor to support this much needed facility in our community!"

Sponsor: Morton & Gettys

Morton & Gettys Attorneys at Law are dedicated to the Miracle Park!  

Robin Owens, Chief Operating Officer, explains their commitment. 
"Fred Rogers is quoted as saying, “When we treat children’s play as seriously as it deserves, we are helping them feel the joy that’s to be found in the creative spirit. It’s the things we play with and the people who help us play that make a great difference in our lives.”
Miracle Park is a place that will make a great difference in the lives of many in our community by providing a place for children of all abilities to play.  Morton & Gettys is inspired by the vision of the leaders in our community, who continue to work tirelessly to bring the vision of Miracle Park to life, and we are proud to help provide financial support for this project.    We see our support of projects like Miracle Park as a responsibility of our firm, as we strive, both individually and corporately, to be a good citizens of the communities we serve."

Sponsor: Founders Federal Credit Union

Bruce Brumfield, President/CEO of Founders Federal Credit Union shares his personal story that played a part in why they are a major donor to the Miracle Park!

"At Founders Federal Credit Union, our mission is to serve. To serve our members and to serve our communities. So, when we heard about this dream to build a park in Rock Hill that would change the landscape for people with disabilities, while embracing those of all abilities, we knew we not only had to support it, we had to be on the forefront. 

Our board of directors quickly gave us approval to do just that with a half million-dollar donation to help make Miracle Park a reality.
If you think about it, we all likely know someone or know of someone with a disability, who had a child with a disability, a parent with a disability, a friend with a disability. For many, this isn’t as far removed as you might think. I know it isn’t for me.
On August 25, 2016, I fell off a ladder while exiting a deer stand and shattered both of my he…

Sponsor: Family Trust Federal Credit Union

Our friends at Family Trust Federal Credit Union are always out and about helping our community, now they are helping us too! 
"The inclusion that is being accomplished through Miracle Park is amazing. For it to be the first park of its kind in the US speaks volumes about the support, passion, and dedication of the community here in Rock Hill. Community engagement is important to Family Trust and there is no better way to engage than doing so with Miracle Park. We are honored to support such an innovative and impactful project."

Penny A. Pratt, President & CEO, Family Trust Federal Credit Union