Update on the park..

The construction crews are working hard!  The curbing is all in and the gravel is going down, it's starting to take shape and you can see the magnitude of this park!   These pictures are taken from Cherry Rd side next to the Fire Station, we love our neighbors!  All the red dirt on this side of the gravel is playground space and this is ONLY a portion of the space!  Straight across you can see the pipes sticking up for the Concession area and the bathrooms including the family bathroom with an adult changing station.    

Inclusive Whirl

Sensory Dome

Sensory Cove Climber

The Yalp Memo

Zip line YOUR way!

Musical Playground!

Buddy AND Future Athletes!

The Yalp Sona

Featured Future Miracle Park Athlete - Tristan

Outdoor Exercise Equipment

Featured Future Miracle Park Athlete- Phillip

A Park for ALL...yes you!