Sensory area concept

We are so excited about the Sensory Area of our park! This will be right outside the concessions and main restroom building. All five senses will be featured. The tactile wall will feature different textures to stimulate the sense of touch and will have specific features to represent elements of a field and sports equipment for those not quite ready to join a team. The auditory wall will have carefully chosen pieces to make a variety of sounds. All the colors in the area and in our logo are based on how the brain responds to color; for example, yellow is the first color recognized by the brain, and blue produces a calming effect. We will have a sensory garden for the senses of taste and smell. Plants will be pleasant to smell and safe to taste. Finally, there will be a sensory pathway that will be available to all. We hope that therapists will also use this pathway to bring their clients to the park to allow families to enjoy the park together while doing therapy outside! The photos above are some inspirational photos and early renderings of the area. We can’t wait to see our ideas become reality!

BUT, we still need $4,000,000 in funding ($4,000,000 already raised) to finish the job!  Can you help by donating today?