The Yalp Memo

The Yalp Memo, great for brain training for ALL ages and abilities, provides a lot of fun in a confined space and encourages gamification.  Gamification is the application of game thinking and game techniques and shows you can quickly learn new things without the use of guides or manuals.  Although the Memo may be a technically advanced playset, its operation is child-friendly and intuitive.  

With a big library of games to choose from, the Memo is one of the most versatile and dynamic outdoor play products in the world. It stimulates younger players to play together and cooperate creatively.  
In general, children are wholly unaffected by everything and just do whatever comes up in their heads.  That's why we've programmed all our games with simple rules that can be easily modified.  The Memo is intuitive and open to creativity and stimulates younger players to develop their own sets of rules and ideas.